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We are located directly on route 11 (Aroostook Rd), fifteen miles south of Fort Kent, Maine and the northern terminus of the famous U.S. Route 1.

Directions to Overlook Motel:

  1. From Interstate 95 North take Exit 286 (Formerly exit 60)

  2. Go left off ramp onto Oakfield/Smyrna Road.You will see two convenience stores on your right, we usually stop at the first one (Irving) for gas, restroom, etc.

  3. Continue North about one mile to 4-way intersection

  4. Go straight through intersection on Rt 212 West

  5. Go 11 miles to Knowles Corner T intersection.

  6. Turn right on Route 11 North, for approximately 31 miles to Ashland

  7. In Ashland, go straight through first light, drive about 500 more feet to 2nd light

  8. Turn left at intersection, drive down hill, cross bridge, turn right continuing North on Route 11 for about 30 miles

  9. Once in Eagle Lake, you will drive through the center of town (3 stores and a credit union)

  10. We are located less than 1/2 mile further on your right

Nearest Airport

Northern Maine Regional Airport - Presque Isle - This airport offers business and leisure travelers non-stop service to Boston's Logan International Airport, as well as air service to other in-state destinations. Travelers can expect affordable parking, a choice of car rental options, courteous taxi service, a pleaseant cup of coffee, a gift shop area and good old Maine hospitality. To drive to the Overlook Motel from the airport, follow the directions on the airport map. Route 227 brings you to Rt. 11 in Ashland where you will follow the directions from "drive down the hill, cross the bridge and turn right continuing North on Rt. 11".

  • Airport administration

    (207) 764-2550

  • Business Express Airlines

    (800) 433-7300

  • U.S. Airways Express

    (800) 428-4322

Car Rentals at Presque Isle Airport

  • Avis

    (207) 768-6761

  • Budget

    (207) 764-1397

  • EZ Auto Rental

    (207) 498-3494

  • U Save Auto Rental

    (207) 764-3019

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