We proudly offer the Wolf Tanning System. Its clean, well maintained and private. Slip on your bathing suit, put on some lotion, turn on your favorite music and relax as you imagine yourself on a beautiful beach in the tropics. We supply the stereo system and goggles. There are also goggles for sale at the front desk. There is a good assortment of Australian Gold tanning lotions as well as trial-size packets on display in the lobby. Tanning sessions are available at the following prices - less 10% for Motel guests:
  • 1 session - $4.00
  • 6 sessions - $24.00
  • 10 sessions - $30.00
  • 15 sessions - $40.00
  • 20 sessions - $48.00
Recent improvements include the installation of a ceiling exhaust fan for better ventilation, a beautiful full wall mural depicting an underwater ocean scene, and air conditioning to keep the temperature perfect for tanning!
Tanning bed at Overlook Motel, Eagle Lake, Maine


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