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Most pets are allowed at The Overlook for a fee of $10/pet/day or $50/pet/week. To help ensure that all of our guests have a comfortable stay, guests traveling with pets should follow these guidelines:

  • Pets should never be left alone in your room, cabin, etc. Keep your pet with you at all times.

  • When outside, dogs should be tied at all times. We are pet lovers but not everyone is. Please donít ruin another guestís stay by allowing your dog to roam where he shouldnít.

  • When inside, please keep pets off of the furniture.

  • Dogs that bark excessively can ruin the stay of other guests. If this should happen, we will provide you with a list of local animal boarding options.

  • Most importantly, when bringing your dog to relieve itself, please go away from the motel or cabins and bring from home a scoop and bag to pick up what your pet leaves behind.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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